Regent Plast takes center Stage in the Pursuit of Sustainable Packaging: An Exclusive Interview with Kartik Deora, Managing Director with PLEXCONCIL

Regent Plast takes center Stage in the Pursuit of Sustainable Packaging: An Exclusive Interview with Kartik Deora, Managing Director with PLEXCONCIL

[Mumbai, Maharashtra Date: January 2024] – PLEXCONCIL,

The Plastics Export Promotion Council, is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Mr. Kartik Deora, the Managing Director of the organization. The interview provides valuable insights into the current state of the plastics packaging industry, PLEXCONCIL’s role in promoting plastic exports, and the future outlook for the sector.

Regent Plast Pvt. Ltd., a Mumbai-based Plastic packaging leader, is at the forefront of addressing these challenges. In an exclusive interview, Kartik Deora, Managing Director, discusses the company’s strategic integration of innovative technologies and dedication to sustainability in product and practice. Here is a brief outline of the interview:

Challenges in Plastic Packaging Management

With plastic packaging management needing solutions across the value chain, Regent Plast emphasizes the elimination of unnecessary plastics, design for reusability and recyclability, efficient recycling processes, and the integration of recycled content. The company emphasizes packaging that prioritizes minimal environmental impact, resource efficiency, and recyclability.

Recyclability and Closed-Loop Recycling

Recognizing the crucial role of recycling in a circular economy, Kartik Deora highlights the need for effective post-consumer collection, sorting, and recycling at scale. He points out that poor design choices often hinder recyclability and degrade material quality. In response, Regent Plast actively engages in a three-way partnership with brands, focusing on effective testing and compatibility within the recycling stream to ensure practical recyclability.

Investing in closed-loop recycling, particularly in rigid packaging like bottles, jerry cans, and containers, Regent Plast leverages 3 Layer Blow Moulding Machines to incorporate Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics into the middle layer of bottles. This innovative approach ensures minimal colour or impurity contamination, maintaining both the external appearance and product contents.

Design and Material Choices

Regent Plast prioritizes sustainability in its processes by utilizing HDPE or PP mono-polymers for their products, ensuring 100% recyclability. Unlike multi-layer packaging, their bottles and caps contribute intrinsic value for rag pickers, encouraging post-consumer packaging return to the recycling stream. The company employs a closed-loop water system, captive rooftop solar installations, and simulation tools to optimize bottle weight without compromising integrity, all executed at their state-of-the-art facility.

Additionally, Regent Plast incorporates Post-Consumer Recycled Plastics (PCR) into their bottles and caps, aligning with customer sustainability goals while meeting required performance parameters.

Consumer Awareness and Recognition

In communicating recyclability, Regent Plast collaborates with brand owners, engraving a clear Recycle Symbol and Plastic No# on each bottle and cap. This visual indication serves as a tangible and easily recognizable signal for consumers, reinforcing the company’s commitment to recyclability. The focus on collaboration ensures that information about recyclability is effectively conveyed to end consumers, contributing to increased awareness and responsible disposal practices.

Collection and Sorting Initiatives

Regent Plast benefits from the committed efforts of brand owners who actively engage in plastic packaging collection initiatives. Driven by government initiatives and targets established under the Plastic Waste Management Act, the company’s packaging design prioritizes the distinguishability of HDPE versus PP bottles, facilitating easy sorting within existing waste management systems.

Investments in colour sorters enhance efficiency by segregating HDPE bottles based on colour streams. The industry anticipates potential advancements, such as markers in masterbatches, to facilitate easier polymer and colour identification at recycling facilities, with government legislation possibly playing a role through BIS/ISI Marks.

End-Market Viability and Global Environmental Compliance

Regent Plast ensures a commercially viable end-market for recyclate through collaboration with recyclers and brand owners at the design stage. The company has established partnerships with select recyclers, ensuring polymers of nearly virgin quality. In a proactive initiative, Regent Plast organized an educational forum titled “De-mystifying PCR & EPR” in September 2023, reflecting their commitment to facilitating the reintegration of recycled materials into new packaging.

Adhering to Indian government initiatives, Regent Plast invests in equipment and education to meet and potentially surpass sustainability goals. The company tailors offerings to align with international standards for sustainable packaging, recognizing diverse criteria across continents and countries.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Implementation and Future Plans

Regent Plast actively integrates practices in line with the Extended Producer Responsibility Guidelines, introducing 30% recycled plastics in all packaging by 2024-25. The company aims to increase this percentage to 60% by 2028-29. Notably, Regent Plast has achieved success in supplying HDPE bottles and jars made entirely from 100% recycled plastics in specific instances.

Adaptability to Evolving Sustainability Practices

As a prominent packaging supplier, Regent Plast stays connected to the ecosystem, engaging consistently with all stakeholders. In ongoing research and development, the company addresses potential degradation in the performance of plastic recyclates with each recycling cycle by collaborating with additive manufacturers to enhance and restore recyclate quality.

Regent Plast remains optimistic that a viable solution will emerge in due course, reflecting their commitment to adaptability and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of sustainability practices.

In conclusion, Regent Plast Pvt. Ltd. showcases a dedication to sustainable packaging practices through a holistic approach, innovative technologies, and collaborative efforts with stakeholders.

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About Regent Plast Pvt. Ltd.:

Regent Plast Pvt. Ltd., headquartered in Mumbai, is a leading packaging supplier committed to innovative and sustainable solutions. The company specializes in rigid platic packaging incorporating recyclable materials, promoting closed-loop recycling, and collaborative efforts to contribute to a circular economy.


The Plastics Export Promotion Council (PLEXCONCIL) is the apex trade body representing the plastics industry in India. Established in 1955, PLEXCONCIL works towards promoting the export of Indian plastic products globally. The council plays a crucial role in facilitating trade, addressing industry concerns, and promoting sustainable practices within the plastics sector.

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