Liquid Detergent Bottles

The preferred choice to store and dispense liquid detergents.

Product Overview

HDPE bottles are preferred by the leading brands in the world to pack liquid deteregents, as they are light weight, sturdy and if designed and manufactured properly leak-free. Various pouring options, handles and attractive packaging gives HDPE bottles an edge over flexible packaging such as stand-up pouches.

Product Benefits

There is a difference in the composition of soaps and detergents. Soaps are milder in comparison to detergents. Detergents contain surfactants which are strong cleaning agents, that work well even if the water is hard. Surfactants have bleaching properties and potent chemicals that react on surfaces of floors and clothes. This results in the affected areas acquiring a cleaner look. If the packaging material used for detergents is weak, new chemicals may be created due to various reactions decreasing the detergent’s efficiency. Sometimes nasty odors are also generated and leakages occur. Therefore, plastic bottles made out of HDPE with good chemical resistance are the preferred choice to pack liquid detergents. Additional benefits include:

Key Features

Industry Use Cases

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