Emida Bottles

Robust Bottles with Large Label area to pack Chemicals

Product Overview

Emida or Imida Bottles or fondly called, Euro Head Bottles are wider diameter bottles made out of HDPE plastic, and popular for packing of agro-chemicals and pesticides. They have a minimum wall thickness of 1 mm and are sturdy. The high wall thickness reduces leaching of any aggressive chemicals from the insides to outside. 

Regent Plast is manufacturing these bottles in various sizes from 50 ml – 100 ml – 250 ml – 500 ml and 1 Ltr in fill volume. This way, a brand can have an inform presentation for all their pack sizes.

Product Benefits

Imida or Emida bottles are high quality and high thickness bottle that is universally used and accepted for packing of agro-chemicals. The cylindrical shape provides for a large surface area to print or label description of the product. The bottles are complemented by a continuous thread cap having induction seal wad. Certain customers prefer a vented seal cap for passing of air, and for preventing the bottle from buckling or exploding (depending on the packed contents). 

Key Features

  1. Excellent Strength / Durability
  2. Customization available for regular buyer (Log on Cap/ Induction Seal Wad and Shoulder of Bottle)
  3. Moisture Resistance 
  4. Easy to handle for packaging 
  5. Cost Effective over Tin / Metal Packaging
  6. It is possible to produce this bottle in translucent colour, that user can see level of filled contents inside.

Industry Use Cases

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