Benefits of Using HDPE Bottles

Plastic bottles are made of different resins such as HDPE, PP or PET. HDPE bottles are most widely accepted. Let us take a look at why people are so inclined to buy HDPE plastic conatiners and what it is that makes these specific bottles so useful.

HDPE bottles are completely recyclable. This is one of the main reasons for the high demand for these bottles: the material can be used again and again for different purposes. Today, the demand for recyclable products is on the rise as consumers look for environmentally friendly products. HDPE bottles can be easily recycled and repurposed into a whole range of other items, such as strapping material, carpet fibre, tote bags and even back to a bottle.

Many businesses, especially new age start-ups, wish to only use sustainable products. In fact, buyers today are more conscious of the impact of packaging and so tend to prefer sustainable products. HDPE offers great opportunities to integrate the recycled material into the supply chain – a major reason for the success of this product.

Many leading brands operating in India, both multi-national and indiginerous brands, now proudly display that their bottles are made out of recycled plastic and sometimes, even plastics reclaimed from the oceans.

Easy to Carry and Lightweight
It is possible to have a handle in a HDPE plastic container that makes it easy to carry, handle or pour the product out. Moreover, the HDPE Bottle can be light weight and rigid at the sam time. The light weight property of HDPE reduces the transportation cost, and the rigidity maintains the integrity of the product inside this rigid plastics packaging to protect it. HDPE bottles with handles are primarily used in storing milk, fruit juices as well as chemicals–which need careful pouring, usually into a specific area. Handles and pouring openings make this easily achieved.

Completely Safe and Secure
HDPE is completely safe for use. Unlike glass products, HDPE plastic bottles are resilient and will not break if accidentally dropped, making them a safe and secure option. These features make HDPE ideal for the safe transportation of liquid products. Bottles can have either an external closure or an induction seal to prevent leakage, and also helps in preserving the freshness of products.

The lead time to make new blow moulds for HDPE Bottles using extrusion blow moulding process is relatively faster than other resins such as PET using ISBM process. Hence, brands can go quicket to market with a customized shape to create their own brand identity. Products can be personalised through the range of colours on offer, from translucent to brighter colours. The variety of design choices for HDPE bottles is what makes these bottles so unique as a packaging material.

HDPE Plastic bottle manufacturers are now differentiating their product offering by offering innovations such as In-Mould Labelling or IML, and multi-layer bottles. Take a look at the high quality HDPE bottles available from Regent Plast to find your product or contact us for your custom packaging solution.

Job Code : RPPL-21-4

Vacancy : Production Supervisor for Plastics Moulding Unit in Umbergaon, Gujarat

Job Description / Responsibilities

  1. Set Moulds on Extrusion Blow Moulding and Injection Moulding Machines
  2. Problem Solve
  3. Train and Handle Manpower
  4. Fill Production related reports

Desired profile of the candidate

  • Minimum 25 years of age.
  • Minimum Work Experience: 5 Years as Production Supervisor in related field
  • Local candidate from Umbergaon or surrounding area


  • I.T.I. or Higher

Min. Exp : 5 Years

Max. Exp : 25 Years

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Job Code : RPPL-21-1

Vacancy : Sales Executive – B2B Marketing for Plastics Packaging

Job Description / Responsibilities

1.      Make Sales Call to market the Company’s products such as Plastic Bottles, Containers, Closures, Caps & Custom Moulded Products

2.      Serve as Link between Customers, Head Office, Factory. Will be assisted with sales co-ordination at Office for back office operations.

3.      Will be responsible for complete client servicing of customers

4.      Should be able to leverage existing relationships in target industries to develop new customers, and meet sales targets

5.      Should be capable of making a marketing & sales promotion plan and must be tech savvy.

6.      Involves travelling for trade fairs and visiting customers


Desired profile of the candidate

  • Should have excellent communication skill & proven track record of Business Development.
  • Minimum 25 years of age, and Max. 40 years of age
  • Minimum Work Experience: 2 Years
  • Worked minimum 2 Years as Sales Executive in B2B business. 



  • Any undergraduate
  • Fluency in English
  • Computer Skills: Must having working knowledge of Excel, Word, CRM and Email.


Min. Exp : 2  years

Max. Exp : 20 Years